Our Own Fixer Upper

We have started our own fixer upper. We are calling it “The Brown House”.

My dad is a dreamer, my mom is a realist, I’m the designer, and my husband (also a realist) helps keep us on track. With that combination, we end up with a beautiful end product (that doesn’t break the bank).

Our first one that we did together was my home in Louisville, KY. It took us a little over three months, just working on the weekends when my parents could make it down. After moving back to my home town, we have now started a much bigger project that will probably still be in demolition after 3 months.

The Brown House was built in 1879 and has the original Chestnut hardwood floors underneath all of the years of added carpeting and linoleum. This house is right next door to the house that I grew up in, and I knew the lady that lived there previously.

We are in the midst of demo right now and are excited to be done with that soon. Thanks to great family and friends, it’s getting done faster than if we had been doing it on our own.

See the before video (and more photos) below.

Come back for more updates on the progress of our fixer upper.




2 thoughts on “Our Own Fixer Upper

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  1. 1879! Wow! Chip and Joanna Gaines would be swooning over this one! 😀 I saw that gorgeous door knob with the key still in it. Cast iron tub? If you can clean it, those things are awesome!! I bet Joanna would knock some walls down. Hahaha. Looking forward to watching the transformation!


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