Our Fixer Upper-Progress Update

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It’s been a while since I have updated on the progress of the Brown House.

The house is now a shell of what it used to be. We have been working on making design decisions and getting our kitchen cabinets figured out. We decided to order them from Northeast Factory Direct in Cleveland.

In the past couple of months, we have finished de-nailing the original hardwood from the house. It looks like this when it is sanded down.


The floor boards are getting sanded down, tongue and groove added and the next step is figuring out what color to stain it.

*Update: We have chosen Carbon Gray made by Verathane. It’s somewhat dark, but has the hint of gray in the color. We all love it.

On the building side, we are in the process of framing the inside to prepare for the plumber, electrician and dry wall to be installed.

The early stages of framing

We even got Raelyn a swing to sit in while she’s at the house with us. She loves it!


This past weekend, the framing was finished and three of our exterior doors were installed. It’s exciting progress and now we are, for the most part, waiting for others to do the next step before we can continue with painting, installing, etc.


The upstairs getting framed

See the before and now of the staircase below:

Below is where the breakfast nook will be (right). See before (left) where it was the living room.

Here is the opposite side of the breakfast nook. It will be the kitchen. (Was the living room-left).

Stay tuned for more updates!




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